4 Reasons for website support

Most probably you’ve never given much thought about how your WordPress website is hosted?   If you’re like most small /medium sized businesses you’ve probably set up your company website or blog and chose the cheapest hosting provider.  After all when starting a business you need to conserve as much cash as possible.

Your website or blog, may be running smoothly right now and doing it’s job by generating leads and making sales.  However, what happens on the day it suddenly becomes unavailable ?  Will your cheap hosting company still be cheap ?

Let’s be honest, technology is great when it’s working, but it can be a real pain in the unspeakable when it stops working.  Days like this can and unfortunately do happen frequently!

The business model for the vast majority of hosting providers is to quite literally stack em high and sell em cheap.   When reading most hosting contracts they will only really guarantee the uptime of the hosting server and not the actual website it’s hosting.

Hosting providers will often provide you with the capability via a CPANEL in install any number of Content Management System (CMS) or shopping cart on your hosting account but they may not necessarily have the expertise to support it.

if you think it’s expensive hiring a professional wait until you hire an amateur.

Red Adair


Your website can’t earn money for you if it’s offline. Cheap hosting services simply aren’t reliable enough when it comes to guaranteeing uptime and every minute your customers can’t access your site is another minute of lost revenue.

A recent study estimated that every incident of downtime costs a business around £17K but this only takes into account lost sales. What about the impact on brand perception ?


WordPress is a fantastic platform, we love it , so does nearly 25% of all website owners.  This popularity also ensures that it is the target of choice for hackers . Your cheap hosting company will not have the time or resources to dedicate to just ensuring all websites hosted on there servers are secure and patched with the latest security patches.

They are not going to be able to provide you with the skills and expertise to help you to ensure that your WordPress is as secure as it should be. They will not have the in depth knowledge required of all plugins, themes and framework quirks of WordPress.


Many cheaper hosting providers promise support but it can be difficult or expensive to access and the service may not be fast. If your site goes offline for any reason you need to be able to email or speak to someone who can help you straightaway.

Ensuring that your hosting provider has deep and intimate knowledge of your particular platform of choice, ensures that you are always going to be supported by a person that knows your specific issue and has the expertise to resolve it.


One of the biggest turn offs for online shoppers – particularly smartphone shoppers – is a slow website.  Most hosting providers will ensure that their servers are as adaptable as possible for a myriad of different web platform configurations, however these settings will not always be the most optimal for your specific platform.

Ensuring that your hosting provider solely focuses on WordPress ensures that they have tweaked and ensured that their servers have been optimised for WordPress.

Three Nine consulting are specialist WordPress Hosting providers, offering

  • It offers 24/7 Helpdesk support available plus telephone support.
  • No provider can guarantee 100% uptime but threenine gets pretty close by promising you 99.99%.
  • All threenine hosted websites are automatically monitored to make sure they’re always online and if anything happens it’s spotted immediately.
  • It’s a fully scaleable service, which means it’s designed to increase capacity as demand for your service grows.
  • With threenine’s daily backups you have the reassurance that your data is secure and instantly restorable.