5 reasons why Bots are bad for business

The Internet continues to evolve and the latest step in this evolution has  seen the increased usage of automated bots, to perform the common business functions, For instance, over the past year or so large organization’s are starting to make use of automated chat-bots for common customer service tasks.

These bots  are essentially computers that talk back to the user. As such, they give users an interactive experience. A bot can make users feel like they are working with an assistant to achieve their ends rather than manipulating a passive computer. Thus, users are more likely to find exactly what they want and are given a far better user experience.

In this instance bots are seen as a great boost for businesses, who would like to reduce expensive resource usage but would still like to deliver high levels of customer service.

As with most things in life, there is there is also darker and more sinister side to bots, and sadly their usage for malicious intent is also very much on the increase. Your business is more likely to be affected by the adverse effects, and therefore being aware of and how to defend your business against bots is vital.

A good bot detection tool, like Stop Web Crawlers,  is an essential component for your WordPress Website, if your website falls into any one of the following categories:

  • content distribution site
  • travel website
  • ecommerce store
  • Consultancy service

Stop Web Crawlers help to ensure that your website only get authentic and qualified traffic; ensuring your websites speed and performance; and ensures your money, time and effort are well spent across the board.

 5 ways bots affect your business website

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  1. Steal content. Bots can scrape your website for data, information and even pricing in just a matter of minutes. Then, it can be used on other sites, redistributed or even sold for profit in other areas of the web.
  2. Degrade performance Bots flood your site with fraudulent traffic. This results in slower page load times for your actual paying customers, which could affect their level of satisfaction or even deter them from buying or visiting altogether.
  3. Threaten security. Malicious bots can hack your website, insert inappropriate links and content, or even crash your site altogether. This can hurt your traffic, your customers and your sales.
  4. Consume Resources. Many bots post spam comments to websites and blogs. While this may not seem like a huge issue, it can be quite frustrating. You’ll have to spend hours each month sorting through these comments to separate the human commenters from the fraudulent ones, which takes you and your resources away from actually running your business. If you don’t remove these spam comments, they end up annoying your readers and possibly leading them away from your site.
  5. Disrupt analytics. Analytics are hugely important to a website owner. They tell you how your site is performing, where traffic is coming from and what you might want to tweak throughout the site. Unfortunately, if you have a significant amount of bots accessing your site, this can throw your analytics into upheaval. You won’t have a clear picture of your site’s performance or your next steps for improvement, and you won’t be able to tell what’s real and what’s fake.