technical debt advantage
Application Modernisation

How to use technical debt to your advantage

Technical debt, if you manage it prudently, paying off the interest before it cripples your operations. If you approach it from the right angle technical debt can actually boost your operations.

Drivers for application modernisation
Application Modernisation

What are the drivers of application modernisation

Application modernisation is not something that just happens, nor is it just driven by digitisation and cloud-first strategies. Organisations should be driven by the need for organisations to remain competitive and deliver a better customer and end user computing experience.

Benefits of application modernisaton
Application Modernisation

Benefits of modernising legacy applications

Application modernisation enables businesses to create new features and services that align with current business needs and feature goals to ensure legacy applications continue to provide value

Application Modernisation

What is Application Modernisation

Application modernization is the process of updating outdated business systems and applications. There are many ways to modernize your applications, from integrating existing systems with APIs to doing a full rip-and-replace of infrastructure and building an entirely new application architecture.

Technical Debt
Application Modernisation

what is technical debt?

Technical debt is common, and not inherently bad. Just like financial debt, it will depend on the purpose that it has been taken up, and plans to clear it. Start-ups battling with pressure to launch their products and get ahead, software companies that have cut-throat competition to deliver fast – development teams usually find themselves having to take on technical debt instead of waiting to launch the products later. In fact, nearly all of the software products in use today have some sort of technical debt.

But no one likes being in debt. Actually, technical staff often find themselves clashing with business executives as they try to emphasise the implications involved when pushing for product launch before the code is completely ready. From a business perspective, it’s all about weighing the trade-offs, when factoring in aspects such as the aspects market situation, competition and consumer needs. So, is technical debt good or bad? It will depend on the context. Look at it this way: just like financial debt, it is not a problem as long as it is manageable. When you exceed your limits and allow the debt to spiral out of control, it can grind your operations to a halt, with the ripple effects cascading through your business.