Product Design Workshop
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Running a product design workshop

There are different parties involved when creating a product – the designers, developers, marketing team, managers and other personnel in the company needed to take the product from conceptualization to the final release and get it to the customers. Successful collaboration right from the onset is key to ensure that the product gets to solve the problem that it targets.

Proof of concept
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How to run a Proof of Concept Project

A proof of concept (POC) project allows you to mitigate risks and test new systems or technologies before you give them the green light and go all in. Pacing the development process before you fully invest in it enables you to address critical issues that would have caused the project to fail later on, and avoid the losses that would have resulted

Application Modernisation

8 Best Practices To Reduce Technical Debt

These 8 measures will enable you to manage your technical debt better to prevent it from being the bottleneck that stifles your growth. Work with