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How to build a successful web business

How to go from an idea to a successful business in one year or less starting with nothing

On the 28th December 2017, we launched a new , exciting and highly ambitious project Anarchy Action. This project is not only a new website, but it is also in many a social experiment. One we plan to conduct in an open honest and as transparent manner as much as possible.

The primary reason why, we so excited about this project, is that for us, it’s a completely unrestricted project. We literally have no pre-conceived notions or debilitating client briefs to stick too. We are quite literally going with the flow to see where the project will take us. In some sense true project anarchy. There is no rule of law, no restrictive governance, no pre-mandated project management methodology or any of the 1001 things the countless courses, textbooks and success coaches tell you need.

We thought it would be fun and educational to document the process, of establishing a website from nothing up until the point that it starts gaining traction to the point it starts to produce consistent revenue.

We are not going to restrict ourselves to defining a definitive revenue objective at this point, in truth because we have absolutely no idea and in some respects it does not entirely matter. We know a revenue generating website is an essential component in order to cover the costs of development, maintenance and continual progress.

Project Objectives

We’ve noticed over the years on countless forums, discussion boards, Virtual social communities and basically anywhere where new web businesses are discussed , countless people searching for and asking for information for exactly this type of information. Although there are always some responses, the answers there always seems to omit a lot of relevant information.

Our goal is to attempt to document the million and one questions and issues that need to answered and dealt with during the course of an average web project.

We hope by documenting and discussing what exactly a team does during the project, it will provide a level of transparency for others to understand and learn from what is meant, when somebody comes up with the next great business idea to develop a website to do ………………………..

We hope to highlight the fact that in order to develop a successful web business, takes a lot more than learning some HTML & JavaScript in order to punt some kind of product on the world wide web. We plan to highlight what exactly is required to build a successful web business

Project Intentions

We plan to document this process on a weekly basis via a series of blog posts each discussing all the relevant points discussed, implemented and executed during the course of the project.

Initially this has been scoped for at least the first year of the project. Depending on the success of the project and public interest the team will re-evaluate and decide whether it is of any relevance to continue.

For the sake of simplicity the project is scoped from 01 January 2018 to 01 January 2019.

What you get ?

It is our intention to provide all this information free of charge obviously at great expense to us.  We want you take great delight in either watching us succeed or fail.  Giving you the benefit of watching and learning from others.

We intend to provide details of all the resources, tools, information and products we make use of during the course of the project.  Enabling you to get a feel and real life experience of how to make use of them for your own purposes.

This is a highly ambitious project and very exciting at the same time. We provide no absolute guarantees of whether we will succeed or not but we hope this exercise will not only prove useful to us, but more importantly to others.