Why your business needs a WordPress Maintenance plan

Your website plays a pivotal role in your digital marketing campaign, in that  It will  provide a platform for you to engage, educate, interact and convert your prospects and customers.  The downside to this is that websites do require maintenance which can be tedious, time consuming and unproductive and  will distract you from other important business activities.


Worse still, as Murphy’s law will dictate, maintenance will be required whenever you can least afford to dedicate resources to it! We have compiled a short list of the 6 main reasons why you should ensure your company should invest in  WordPress Maintenance services.



WordPress is under constant development and improvement.  One of the key focus of the WordPress teams is improving and maintaining a robust and secure security profile.  The team will intermittently release security updates and often advise that these updates should be implemented as soon as possible.  To ensure your website is not susceptible to attack you will need to be vigilant to the threats and ensure you update regularly. The downside to constantly updating, is that there is also increased chance of your plug-ins and themes may start behaving erratically.  Often they will require updates or subtle fixes, the plug-in vendors may respond quickly and issue an update in days, sometimes it could take months.

It is common practice for many WordPress website owners to install a number of different plugins to extend functionality of the WordPress systems. Unfortunately these plugins may not be updated as often as the WordPress core files and will often make use of internal WordPress function calls which potentially exposing malicious attack vectors, that although the WordPress Core team have addressed in the updates, the plugin teams may not have patched or worse still have no intention of updating anytime soon.

Making use of our WordPress Maintenance services will ensure you have the resources available to cope with these issues and also ensure you never experience these issues.


Time consuming

Your website will never be finished!   As your web business evolves so will your website.  You will constantly require subtle modifications, updates, enhancements and design changes. Your customers will never be satisfied with your website and neither will you.   You’re always going to have great ideas and a wish list longer than your arm.  The one thing you’ll never have when running a web business is enough time to action them all.


Ensuring you have a monthly WordPress maintenance plan, you can ensure that you can action the highest priority enhancements required.



Many people think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only optimization that is required on a website. This could not be further from the truth, it’s true that to a certain extent  SEO enhancements will require modifications to technical implementation of your site.  These are primarily targeted to ensure non-human users can view your site. However,  there are a number of issues that Human users of your website will experience, and with the number of different devices that your customers will visit your site with, there are bound to experience issues, irrespective of how good your choice of theme etc.


A number of factors can affect your websites performance and ensuring you have a monthly WordPress maintenance plan, you’ll be able have access to development resource to fix these issues as an when they arise.


Ensuring you carry out regular  WordPress maintenance will keep your site running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.  threenine offer a comprehensive selection of monthly WordPress Maintenance plans to suit your needs and  budget.