Is a business website necessary ?

The Internet  is increasingly becoming a noisy, polluted and crowded space and it is becoming increasingly harder for businesses to get their message across. The average user attention span of users is a mere 8 Seconds before they move on!

This lack of attention results in a lot more effort is required to attract attention.

How do you attract customers when there are millions of other businesses doing the same thing ?

All this may lead you to think that the necessity of having a business website must be gradually diminishing ? In some respects that is true, but in others it couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is your website, is nothing but a very small component of your entire digital marketing campaign! Sure it is not as vital a component it once used to be, but it can still play an important part with how you and your company interact with your customers.


What does a website offer ?


A website is not just a portfolio to show samples of your work or products. It certainly shouldn’t be just an online business card for people to find your contact details!

Your website needs to offer a whole lot more! It also provides you an opportunity to personify your business in a way that other online platforms can’t. It is a medium which you can use to make an impression on your customers and let them know what you can do for them and keep them as recurring customers!

It is a by product of our modern way of life, that many consumers won’t make a purchase from a company unless they have a website! It seems that just because a company has a website, this actually provides validation that they exist!



Fundamentally your website, is nothing more than a Branding tool, providing you the opportunity to put your brand front and centre, rather than your name!

Social Media platforms are used to build your name, but your branding happens on your website!


Is a website necessary ?


The truth is a website is not always necessary, and we have worked with some clients when in fact their website was actually very detrimental to their business model. The point here is that in order to determine the need for your website you will need to completely understand your business model!


Don’t fire and forget!


The key issue with your business website, is that it is going to require a significant amount of your attention. If you’re small business, Solo-preneur, freelancer or even just starting out, be warned that your website will enevitably turn into a bottomless black hole of resources. Which is why for your website to be an effective and profitable tool for your business you will need an effective digital marketing strategy

Don’t forget real-world interactions

This is so often forgotten, but the best way to promote your website is to actually engage and interact with real people! Just because you have a website or other forms of online presence it doesn’t mean you should rely on solely to generate business. You are still more than likely going to generate more business via word of mouth referals and by proactively enaging with prospective customers.

You shouldn’t just go out and develop a website just because you think it’s a necessity or for the sake of it. They may be easier to establish than they were say 5 years ago and there are increasing number of platforms available enabling you to Do It Yourself at a very low cost. Which may result in knocking up your website while watching TV. The fact is this only 5% of the effort required in developing an effective digital presence.

For your website to be effective and make a positive contribution to your business you will need to Give Purpose, Give It Professionalism, Give it time which results in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy!