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In-depth analysis of the businesses overall objectives and revenue targets


making the right business decisions is knowing the data and reasoning behind them

Paid Search

target users further along the buying process, close to making a purchase decision

Data & Email

Tactical & Targeted marketing communications.


increase your visibility in the organic search results driving high quality traffic to your website

Content Marketing

giving your customers the information they need about your business.

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Strategy Development

Creating a successful Digital Marketing Strategy for any business requires overall objective and revenue target analysis.

The planning process explores:

  • Current Performance – Extensive review across all digital channels, including direct communication with the business/sales teams.
  • Competitor Analysis – Exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the direct and indirect competition, whilst implementing digital benchmarking.
  • Market Segmentation – Profiling your target audience and digital behaviour
  • Demand Analysis -What are users searching for, where/when are they looking? And where are the gaps in terms of your business positioning.
  • Digital Objectives – The development of tangible, realistic objectives that can be measured on an on-going basis.
  • Strategies – The development of targeted strategies for each of your market segments.
  • Implementation Plan – Mapping out the activity that delivers on the strategy.

Develop your Digital Marketing Strategy


The key to making the right business decisions is knowing the data and reasoning behind them, which is why our analytics consultancy service is ideal for growing businesses.

Using Data Mining, our experts can analyse data to uncover patterns, opportunities and possible threats to your business.

The services provided:

  • Data Cleanse – We ensure you are collecting the correct data, data is invaluable only if the data is accurate.
  • Data Collection – Collecting all data is key to future analysis, collecting and verifying all possible information that you may need.
  • Analytics Audits – We create bespoke analytics audits on your data, we put your goals first and tailor the structure to your exact needs.

Improve your analytics

Search Engine Optimisation

Our digital plans are designed for optimum search engine visibility.

Complete Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  is an all-encompassing process; a best practice approach to managing and maintaining your online presence.

SEO services provided:

  • Keyphrase Research, Selection & Targeting – Assessing trends and targeting the most profitable user groups.
  • Technical Optimisation – Ensuring your website is technically optimum for indexing i.e. page speed, server management, security updates, clean and error free code.
  • Content Optimisation -Ensuring content throughout the website is optimised for target keyword clusters and growth in terms of page authority.
  • Profile Building – Offsite SEO is equally as crucial as onsite. We ensure that external / third party websites are unique in terms of content, and targeted toward the appropriate audience.
  • Social Media Integration – Ensuring that the social media strategy is supporting the overall search strategy.


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Paid Search

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) strategies go hand in hand with SEO PPC practices are tailored to your online market segments, ensuring the overall search engine visibility of your business is coordinated, supporting the overall brand and online objectives.

PPC incorporates  a combination of:

  • Paid Search – Targeting keyword searches across all major search engines. Targeting users further along the buying process, close to making a purchasing decision.
  • Re-Marketing – Remarketing campaigns implemented to increase online conversion and brand awareness.
  • Online Advertising – To support brand and positioning, carefully targeted ad campaigns build awareness and brand recognition and create demand.
  • Social Media Advertising – To raise awareness, build social media profiles and increase data capture.

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Database & Email Marketing

A fundamental core of Marketing is the collection and analysis of Data.

Managing and utilizing data is key to delivering tactical, targeted marketing communications.

  • Database Management – Specification and development of a clean, well-segmented and well maintained database.
  • Tactical Campaigns – Segment-targeted tactical campaigns to fill seasonal gaps in business.
  • Marketing Automation – Scheduled, dynamic email content to guide your customers through the purchasing experience, boosting upsells pre-visit, and encouraging loyalty/positive reviews post-visit.
  • Dynamic Content Delivery – Sharing email content that’s relevant to your databases’ online behaviour and preferences, improving engagement and building social shares.

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