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The most fundamental and critical aspect of any successful SEO campaign !

You should never start to consider building your page or website without considering which keywords you want and need to target.

The result of keyword research will most probably influence the design, layout, theme, style of the content of your website and the individual pages within it. It’s true that Keyword Research will help to improve the results of site in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), but it is often neglected that Keyword Research plays a major role in identifying the intent of the searcher.

What is Keyword Research ?

Keyword research is the practice of analysing what users type into a search engine when performing a search for terms associated with your industry, brand, services and products.

Optimising a website to perform well in Search Engines, it’s vitally important to understand and identify exactly which keywords that need targeting.

It’s not just about generating traffic, it’s about generating the right kind of traffic – traffic which will convert into leads or sales.

Web traffic is vanity , Conversions are sanity

Why Keyword Research ?

Most businesses and business owners will invariably have some keywords for which to rank for, but typically customers may not think the same way!.

Knowing which keywords you want to rank for isn’t always enough

You need to know what your potential customers would search for to find your product or service. What’s more, keyword research can help you uncover a searcher’s intent. For example, what kind of words do searchers use when looking for information and what words do they use when looking to make a purchase?

The difference can be crucial in generating the right kind of traffic for your website.

Keyword research can also reveal gaps in the market and even help you to predict shifts in demand. We have various tools at our disposal that show us the number of people searching for a specific term and the competition around that term.

Analysing and researching seasonal and annual trends in search volume to help you stay ahead of the game! By adjusting and creating specific content and phrases used on your website to target the intent of the seacrchers.

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