Don’t use email subscription pop ups!

We all have to agree that the internet is polluted!

Why do we need to be greeted by an irritating & annoying popups within the first 8 seconds of entering a new website ?

Why must you be asked to join some BS email newsletter that will undoubtedly only try to Sell you products you don’t know you need?

Let’s be honest, this is the internet equivalent of walking down the high street and asking everyone you see for their mobile phone number!  Or worse still walking into a night club and asking everyone you meet for a shag, regardless of gender.

Granted you may get some results, but it brings into question the validity and longevity of the relationship. Besides you’ll have no idea what STD’s you may contract!

There are far more effective alternative approaches to building your email list.  Yes, they take time and effort, but the returns will be far greater!

Marketing, regardless of form, is all about building relationships! Good solid relationships are built on trust, understanding and shared beliefs and values which are strengthened over time.


Emotional Intelligence

In the book [amazon text=Emotional Intelligence – Why it can matter more than IQ&asin=978-0747528302], the premise is all about that in order to inspire others you must be truly inspired yourself.  Having an understanding of emotional intelligence is the key!

Sadly, it is my opinion that all emotional intelligence is completely lacking from what is now termed as Digital Marketing!

It’s been lost, because most digital marketers are focused on the wrong  objectives.  The capturing of an email address should not be the sole objective of your content marketing efforts.  Basing metric arounds the number of email addresses captured and loosely calling these conversions .

The primary objectives of content marketing are:

  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Enlighten
  • Inform
  • Persuade
  • Emotional Connections
  • Social Currency
  • Practical Value

At no point is there ever any mention of the words

  • Irritate
  • Annoy
  • Pester
  • Hound
  • Spam
  • Distract

if your content is inspiring and valuable enough people will be attracted to your site and will seek out ways to remain engaged with your brand. By all means place an email subscription on your site, attract attention to it but don’t make it an irritation feature.

Many marketers have jumped on the band wagon, of the email subscription pop-up, based on spurious advice of so-called , marketing experts or worse still just because the rest of the crowd went in that direction!

The key to successful business relationships is longevity. Your primary goal in any transaction should be about maximizing your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) , in order to do this you will need to understand you your customers are. Hitesh Changela highlights these points in his excellent book [amazon text=Breakthrough Customer Growth: 15 Proven Ways to Help You Get and Retain Customers While Growing Sales Swiftly and Effectively&asin=978-1537789866] , the foundation of the book that in order to drive sales you need to build and foster relationships. Relationships that are formed among human beings!


Only 52% of your website traffic are humans!

This may come as a surprise to you, but 48% of your website traffic will consist of automated bots, leaving only 52% of all internet traffic consisting of humans beings!

Humans by nature are socially inclined. They seek membership of communities based on shared beliefs and values. Communities comprise  infinite relationships. An example of this, take your hometown for instance. Do you know everyone in it? Have you spoken to everyone? Do you have the contact details of every single person in your hometown?

The answer to those questions is invariably going to be No, unless of course you actually come from an incredibly small town or close-knit community! Where a large proportion of that community have webbed fingers and share a common ancestry!

The truth is that although you may not directly know everyone, you may only still be six degrees of separation away from knowing everyone !


Most email campaigns only have 22% open rate!

The truth is despite the popularity of email marketing, the real statistics are pretty dismal! most email campaigns only have a 22% open rate with average click-through rate of just 5% of that and purchases resulting in only 1% of that!

It’s statistics like that, that lead many marketers to believe that volume of email addresses is the key! Which has led to proliferation of Email subscription pop ups on webpages.

This thinking is rather naive and to be frank, if your digital marketing agency or internal marketing team has suggested this, then it’s time to change!

The truth is for email marketing campaigns to work, they need to be targeted,  segmented and structured  because One size fits all campaigns do not work!


Data driven email marketing campaigns

To improve the chances of your email marketing campaign, it’s important that you understand actually understand your customer. Understand their needs, wants and desires the result of which is that your email contents should be targeted at addressing those needs, wants and desires. You can only satisfy these if your truly understand them.

It is the constant collection and analysis of data that enhances the performance of email campaigns, not the collecting more email addresses. Large amounts of data does not necessarily translate to quality of data. It’s a lot easier to qualify your data on input than it is clean it once it’s dirty

Data driven email marketing campaigns

Build your email list with care and purpose. Look for quality not quantity.

Cultivating and nurturing your email list should be your priority and your email list should be the result of several other marketing campaigns which have carefully been created utilising other data driven marketing techniques.

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