Install MongoDB on Mac OSX using Homebrew

The homebrew package manager really simplifies setting up your Mac OSX for development.  I have previously posted about how to install homebrew on Mac OSX  and how to install NodeJS using NVM and Homebrew .


When developing Full Stack JavaScript web applications, we predominantly base our applications on the MEAN Stack ( MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and NodeJS)  , and will often during development require a local instance of the MongoDB.   Homebrew completely simplifies the process of not only installing but also running your local instance of MongoDB.


To install MongoDB using homebrew open a  terminal window :
[pastacode manual=”%24%20brew%20install%20mongodb” provider=”manual” lang=”javascript”/]
Once installed you can then start your MongoDB
[pastacode manual=”brew%20services%20start%20mongodb” provider=”manual” lang=”javascript”/]
You can also stop your MongoDB
[pastacode manual=”brew%20services%20stop%20mongodb” provider=”manual” lang=”javascript”/]

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