How to install skype on ubuntu desktop

This quick tutorial will provide instructions on how to install skype on your ubuntu desktop. Irrespective of which version of ubuntu desktop you are running i.e. (14.04, 16.04, 12.04, 16.04) the installation of skype follows the same procedure.

Add the Partner Repository to your repository list
[pastacode manual=”” provider=”manual” lang=”sh”/]
Install multi arch
Multiarch enables you install library packages from multiple architectures on the same machine. This is useful in various ways, but the most common is installing both 64 and 32-bit software on the same machine and having dependencies correctly resolved automatically. In general you can have libraries of more than one architecture installed together and applications from one architecture or another installed as alternatives. Note that it does not enable multiple architecture versions of applications to be installed simultaneously.
[pastacode manual=”%20sudo%20dpkg%20–add-architecture%20i386″ provider=”manual” lang=”sh”/]
Update your repository listings
[pastacode manual=”sudo%20apt-get%20update” provider=”manual” lang=”sh”/]
Install Skype
[pastacode manual=”sudo%20apt-get%20install%20skype” provider=”manual” lang=”sh”/]
Once the process is complete you can either call skype from the terminal:
[pastacode manual=”skype” provider=”manual” lang=”sh”/]
Or search for in your Dash.

Watch the Video

If you’re still a little unsure of the process explained in the tutorial above you can check out the video tutorial where we walk through the process in detail.

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