Install WordPress Mac OSX without MAMP

WordPress is by far the most popular Web Content Management System (CMS) available on the internet. Part of the reasons for it’s dramatic success is based on the fact that it is 100% free and the other is that it’s extremely easy to use!

Enabling even the most novice of users to get up and running with a new website or blog in a matter of minutes. For the most part adding new complext functionality to your blog is just a process of a few clicks, install a plugin and you’re done. In a matter of seconds you can turn an ordinary blog into Ecommerce shop, just by installing the Woocommerce plugin.

For the most part, users will typically do all this work directly on their hosted server. However, what do you do when you want to test a plugin or try out something a little more sophisticated. Then you may want to get a version of WordPress up and running on your local machine.

In this post we will guide you through the process of install WordPress on you Macbook. This tutorial is assumes you have Set Up PHP7 Development on Mac OSX which will simplify the process of setting up WordPress and comfortable with running commands in the terminal window.


Our WordPress Development process has evolved further than the approach detailed in this post

We routinely make use of docker to spin up new environments
Using Docker for WordPress Development
Docker and WordPress debug environment

WordPress Install

In order to install WordPRess you will also need to ensure you have Apache Webserver and MySQL Database installed. We have developed an easy to run Bash Script that installs all these components and phpMyAdmin for you.

Poor Mans MAMP Easy way to set UP PHP Dev Environment

Open a new terminal window and download the  latest version of WordPress


extract the files


Move the files to projects folder under Sites directory (Assumes you have followed instructions for setting up the Poor Man’s MAMP)


Clean up Home directory removing the archive


Set up permissions for WordPress


Create Database

We will create an empty database for WordPress . We will log into mySQL using the terminal.

Remember to use whatever Username and Password you have used to configure mySQL


Create the database using whatever database name you want. Typically we use wordpress


If you have used our set up process for the Poor Man’s MAMP you should now be able to browse to http://localhost and click on your project folder.

Development Website
WordPress Select language

Click on the link which will take you to the install screens. Select your language

WordPress Set Up Config

This will take you to the Set up page and click Let’s go!

setup config step 1

Fill in your Database Name , username and Password.

setup config step 2

We ready to run the Install

Welcome Screen

We now just enter details of the site. Fill in as required.


WordPress should now be installed, your ready to explore the world of possibilities that is now open to you.

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