Install WordPress Mac OSX without MAMP

You want to set up WordPress locally on your Mac-book to get have some fun developing your own plug-ins or themes ? Well follow this tutorial and we’ll have you set up in no time.

This tutorial is assumes you have followed the instructions for setting up the Poor Man’s MAMP which will simplify the process of setting up WordPress . We also assume you’re comfortable running commands in the terminal window.

WordPress File Set Up

Open a new terminal window and download theĀ  latest version of WordPress

extract the files

Move the files to projects folder under Sites directory (Assumes you have followed instructions for setting up the Poor Man’s MAMP)

Clean up Home directory removing the archive

Set up permissions for WordPress

Create Database

We will create an empty database for WordPress . We will log into mySQL using the terminal.

Remember to use whatever Username and Password you have used to configure mySQL

Create the database using whatever database name you want. Typically we use wordpress

If you have used our set up process for the Poor Man’s MAMP you should now be able to browse to http://localhost and click on your project folder.

Development Website

Click on the link which will take you to the install screens. Select your language
WordPress Select language

This will take you to the Set up page and click Let’s go!
WordPress Set Up Config

Fill in your Database Name , username and Password.
setup config step 1

We ready to run the Install
setup config step 2

We now just enter details of the site. Fill in as required.
Welcome Screen

WordPress should now be installed, your ready to explore the world of possibilities that is now open to you.

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