How to market your website on a tight budget?

Blogging and Website development has surged in recent years, with more companies and individuals using the internet to market  their products and services.

This also obviously creates a increased competition in trying to improve the popularity of your website, which often results in the most frequently asked questions on most digital marketing and business forums to include;

  • How can I market my website for free
  • How can I make my blog popular for free
  • How can I improve my website ranking on a tight budget
  • How do I do internet marketing for free

Nothing is free

Everything in business has a some sort of cost, attached to it, Whether it be of Money, Time or Resource.

Whether you learn to market your website yourself or pay a professional digital marketing agency to do it for you. One thing you can be assured of is the true cost will be comparable. However, the results can and do vary.

Target your customers

Irrespective of which path you choose to market your website, you will need to ensure you understand and appreciate that the process should be the same. There is no silver bullet or magic formula. Despite what many fly by night internet marketers would attempt to have you believe.

If you want to ensure the success of your digital marketing campaign you will need to implement these fundamental steps.

Define Clear Objectives

To many new website owners and bloggers, success is defined as achieving the mythical First Page on Google status. They have been mislead to believe that all a website needs to be successful is to somehow to appear in the first 3 returned websites for a particular search query.

To really answer the question “How do I make my website popular” , requires you to firstly define exactly what you mean by popular and why you want it to be popular and who you want it to be popular with and when do you want them to visit

What ?

You will need to define, what it is your website or blog is going to offer. This is what marketers love to refer to as your Value Proposition. This is fundamentally what your website is going to offer your visitors. Ensuring that you target at least 3 compelling areas of value your website will provide.

Narrowing your focus to just 3 areas will ensure you’re able to build a strong core offering that will be easily understood by your existing and prospective customers.

Why ?

There are several why questions you will need to answer regarding your website.

  • Why do your customers need your website?
  • Why will they want to visit your website?
  • Why will they want to come back to your website ?
  • Why do you want them to visit your website ?

Who ?

It is not possible to target Everyone with your website. You have to accept that not everyone will want to visit your website, not everyone is going to want or need what your website has to offer.


When do you want your target audience to visit your website. You will need to define various points in the “Buying cycle” you will want your customers and prospects to visit your website. You will need to have a complete understanding of the phases your customers go through when buying your product, this will help you to design and develop targeted content to address the specific criteria your customers in each of the phases.

The Marketing Mix

The list of questions above are not unique to Digital Marketing , in fact they are derived directly from the core marketing principles, what are known as the Marketing Mix .

Put the right product in the right place, at the right price at the right time

The Customer Persona

The key to implementing an effective marketing mix, has everything to do with the understanding the customer. Therefore, in order to effectively make your website popular, you will need to ensure that it appeals to your target audience and in order for it to appeal to it’s target audience you need to understand and deliver what the target audience wants and needs.

In order to devise a digital marketing strategy that will achieve results, you will need to devote your resources to understanding your customers. Spending time researching your target audience, understanding their behaviours, needs, wants and desires.

Ask yourself the question How well do you know your customer ?

Fish where the fish are

This should not come as a surprise to anyone, and we all know that when you go fishing you need to at least go to a spot where their is an increased possibility of fish. For instance, you’re not going to try try and catch fish in your bath. No you’re probably going to have a lot more success either at the seaside or a lake.

To make sales you need to sell to people who want to buy from you

To effectively ensure success of your website or blog, you need to ensure that your website becomes known in a particular community for which it is designed to serve.

Gaining a thorough understanding of who your customers are, understanding them will provide you with all the information you need to market to them.

This will help you too make the most of your marketing budget, by effectively and efficiently marketing directly to your target market.