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Referrer Spammers and malicious bots are a big problem.

Understanding bot behaviour is a necessity to block malicious bots and protect your business.

Malicious bots are everywhere on the internet, results from a recent study indicate that 48% of all internet traffic consists of bots. The bots are crawling websites in order to: scrape content, impersonate customers or click on ads.  Bots have a real and direct impact on your business. We aim to make this stop.


Numbers regarding their real impact vary from one study to another, but everyone agrees that bot activity represents about half of all online traffic. The trend is growing, and even the biggest international publishers are getting anxious.


Making use of artificial intelligence and human expertise, threenine has devised a unique detection & identification strategy to help you protect your website from bots.


Our goal is simple: keep your content, your users, your data and your marketing as safe as possible.

To protect your website we have developed Stop Web Crawlers, a simple WordPress plugin available for free on the plugin directory, that once installed tracks every hit your website receives, gathering data from each individual user, human or not.


This data is then analysed and compared in real time, with complex patterns so as to spot and block the bots. Technical and behavioural elements are used to distinguish real traffic from the fraudulent one.

Technical patterns

Our proprietary algorithms analyse your website visitors technical data. Every hit on your website bears precious intel that Stop Web Crawlers immediately analyse, searching for elements specific to bot activity.


  • User agent: includes information regarding the browser and the technology used to access your website.
  • IP owner:  human-generated traffic mostly comes from ISP and mobile carriers, while bot traffic usually originates from Web hosting services.
  • Geolocation data:  a highly recurring visitor located outside of your market is sometimes sign of suspicious activity.

Behavioural patterns


Technical elements are not enough to distinguish bot activity. Behavioural patterns help us understand the visitor’s motivations and spot bots.


  • Number of hits per IP address: Many bots, mostly Web scrapers and hacker bots, can crawl thousands of pages in a matter of minutes, looking for relevant content or safety flaws.
  • Crawling speed: A bot can scrape and store a page worth of content in no time. A unique IP address visiting a large number of pages in little time usually indicates fraudulent activity.
  • Recurring hits: Bots follow strict and precise rules, in terms of visits, crawl frequency, etc.
  • Hits generating 404 errors: Bots looking for security flaws generate random URLs, hoping to detect a breach in the architecture of your website. An IP address generating an unusualy large amount of 404 pages might be looking for such a flaw.
  • Cookies: Unlike humans, bots aren’t submitted to cookie tracking. Meaning that a returning visitor carrying no cookie information may very well be one of them.

Even the most rudimentary analysis of your websites typical bot traffic will undoubtedly reveal Web scrapers, looking for content and marketing data to harvest and republish – hurting your business, SEO ranking, and website performance.

Protect your WordPress website with Stop Web Crawlers. Install now.

  1. Sign into your own WordPress website. You’ll usually go to something like and sign-in
  2. Replace with your own website’s URL
  3. Now that you’re signed in and ready to administer your own site, go to Plugins > Add New and do a search for ‘Stop Web Crawlers’ without quotes
  4. Click the “Install Now” link and Stop Web Crawlers will be installed

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