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is a great book for beginners, and has loads useful reference material on SEO for even the advanced users.

The author, Peter Kent, stays true to the Dummies theme and makes most of the material easy to understandm easy to read and enjoyable.

The book is well organized with chapters on :

  • Planning Search Engine Strategy
  • How to build Search Engine Friendly sites
  • Picking Powerful Keywords
  • Finding Traffic via Geo-Targeting.
  • Using Structured Data Markup
  • Local Search
  • Basics of Social Networking

A book on SEO best practices, like , can help readers understand basic SEO and why their SEO agency makes certain recommendations.

Verdict : Fantastic high level overview of the essentials of SEO

SEO for Dummies Overview

SEO for Dummies is geared at beginners with little or no SEO knowledge and, in our opinion, does a great job of covering the basics to bring the reader up to speed with what they need know.

The book starts out by providing a high level overview on how search engines work and ways your website can attract attention. After covering these basics, SEO for Dummies discusses various analytics tools that will help you track your website’s performance and tweak SEO to improve your placement in search results.

SEO for Dummies also covers what not to do if you want to improve your search engine results, which is important since accidentally doing the wrong thing can harm your reputation and your website’s placement in search results.

In addition to natural search engine optimization, SEO for Dummies includes a section on pay-per-click advertising for businesses wanting to gain an understanding of how to use advertising to promote their website.

Who Should Read SEO for Dummies ?

Essential reading for anyone who wants to gain more than a basic understanding of SEO

If you find yourself described in the following list, then is the perfect book for you!

  • Web Designer – who wants to gain some additional knowledge
  • Blogger – wants to improve search rankings for your blog
  • Entrepreneur – Gain understanding of how SEO affects your business plan
  • Web Master – Gain an understanding of how SEO can and will affect the performance of your website
  • General Manager – Gain understanding of how SEO can and will affect business performance
  • CEO – Learn what your marekting teams keeps banging on about
  • Marketing Professional – gain an understanding of how SEO will influence your digital marketing strategy

We’ve bought copies of the book and given to Chief Marketing Officers and CEO’s so they could gain a solid understanding of what is possible with SEO in their business.

In many instances a committed and dedicated SEO team makes sense for a business, but they should never be left unmonitored and left calling the shots. As the old adage goes, nobody takes better care of your money than you. The same applies to SEO, you need to be able to ensure that whoever is doing your SEO is doing correctly and ethically and you need to ensure all the checks and balances are in place.

The positive side regarding text books, is they cover a subject with breadth, the downside of text books is that they are a little bit difficult to read cover to cover. SEO for Dummies is a solid book that provides detailed and code-level recommendations for all of the topics relevant in SEO, but in a very easy to read and understand manner. With a few funny bad jokes thrown in!

You don’t need a in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript or computer science degree to understand the book, but a basic understanding of internet and web pages work is more than suffice.

Although the book is a little out of date now and references some sites and resources that no longer exist, it is a useful book for an intermediate SEO marketer.


You can learn a lot of basic information from , and the book will provide a great grounding on the subject and fantastic platform to build your knowledge on. However, SEO is constantly changing, and you will find you may learn more from SEO agency blogs and articles, but it is important to make sure certain SEO best practices are still in use.

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