Application Modernisation

Modernize your legacy systems

Application Modernisation

Organisations typically invest in the development of software applications  to automate, revolutionise and improve efficiencies of business processes.  Often these processes are key pain points in the organisation. Usually these issues are tackled utilising key technology available at  the time.

Over time these legacy applications form the backbone of the organisation and also ingrained and woven into the very DNA of the organisation itself.

While at the time, these software applications were able to propel and revolutionise the organisation at the time, they also become the very thing that stop progress in the future.

Today, we find organisations unable to benefit from advancement or leverage new digital technologies such as  IoT, Mobile and Cloud Computing – to create modern engaging and profitable experiences for customers and partners.

To address these challenges, Software Development teams and IT department need a way to both rapidly connect legacy systems to modern applications, and do so while minimising disruption to these systems.

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Our Application Modernisation services take a comprehensive, total life-cycle approach, enabling you to systematically identify and pursue opportunities for Modernisation.


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Innovation by Application Modernisation

Our Application Modernisation services take a comprehensive life-cycle approach.
Enabling you to systematically identify and pursue opportunities for Modernisation.
We help ensure you roll out plans for a smooth transition.


Application gap analysis, modernisation planning, portfolio rationalisation


Business documentation, application and business process integration


Mainframe re-hosting, application re-architecture, mid-tier modernisation


Application retirement factory, data preservation for compliance

What is Application Modernisation?

Application modernisation is a project designed to create new business value from existing, aging applications by updating them with modern features and capabilities. By migrating your legacy applications, you can include the latest functionalities that better align with what your business needs to succeed.


Maintaining & supporting legacy applications while still being able to meet current day needs can be a time consuming and resource intensive affair. Especially when software frameworks and platforms becomes so outdated that it may not even be compatible with modern day systems.