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Software Development Retainer

Software Development Retainer_

Helping busy software teams

Software development teams are busy and try as they might they can never get round to all the work, innovative ideas and constant demand busy organisations place on them.

Teams are often engaged in new projects which detracts their attention away from the everyday maintenance and enhancement software development tasks.

It gets expensive to hire new permanent developers just to address ad hoc business requests that continually arise, before long they are also drawn into large scale project work.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire part time resource just to address these problems ?

Dedicated Developer

Hire a single developer or an entire micro-team to augment your team to address overflow work on a remote basis.

Handle all overflow work as required.

Software Maintenance

Maintaining existing software systems, to writing quick automation scripts. We help reduce load and distractions on your team to help them focus on project work.

Bespoke Development

We develop custom software that helps your business do more. Help build solutions that make business processes more efficient, improve customer experience and generate more profit.

  • Silver
    • £ 450 Monthly
      • 8 – 10 Hrs a month
      • Database Stored Procedure Optimisation
      • HTML, CSS or website tidy up
      • Bug Fixing
      • Automation Script Development
      • Troubleshooting application problems
      • System & Web Server Administration tasks
      • Minor tweaks and enhancements to applicaitons
      • Landing page design
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Best Choice
  • Gold
    • £ 2500 Monthly
      • 35 – 55 Hrs a month
      • Small to medium sized project work
      • API Integrations
      • Linux Daemons or Windows Services developed
      • Script Development
      • Application Troubleshooting
      • System & Web Server Administration
      • Small/Medium tweaks & enhancements
      • System Integration
      • Cloud Services Developed
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  • Platinum
    • £ 8500 Monthly
      • 180 – 200 Hrs a month
      • Remote Staff Augmentation
      • Work Remotely as part of multi discipline project team
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What is a software development retainer contract

contract to retain the services of an experienced software developer for a minimum number of hours a month.

Typically it’s a subscription charge, a client agrees to pay a defined amount up front for the purposes of handling any software development tasks that might occur during the month. We provide a consistent number of hours per month and work closely with you to ensure they are used for complete business efficiency and value.

This payment ensures that resources are available when required to fix bugs, implement security updates, enhancements, develop automation scripts without having to negotiate pricing or secure funding every time a change to software is required.

We offer 3 different types of retainer contracts each suited to different sets of requirements. The proportion of hours a client decides they may need is clearly defined in the initial contract.

What is included in a software development retainer contract?

Our retainer contracts have carefully crafted to address the most common services requested by clients. These typically include standby software development resource for anything from bug patching to full time project work.

We provide elements of flexibility within our contracts so clients can scale up and scale down on a monthly basis as required. However, these terms do need at least 30 days to change.

A software development retainer may mirror a typical project contract but there are a few unique items that are included.

At the begining of every month, we collaborate with you in order to define the priorities required for the month a head, then a plan is drafted as when deliverables will be delivered.

If items or requests fall outside of the agreements focus, as they do on occassion, we will work with you to draft estimates and negotiate the additional service fees required.

We offer 3 different levels of retainer contracts, so it is easy for you too decide which service level you will require during the months ahead.

We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all software development retainer contracts, in which we clearly state that you will recieve the dedicated number of hours and service required for the month.

Due to the nature of our typical engagements, we often take over support agreements for software developed by third parties. We cannot always guarantee the stability and scalabitly of these systems which are often beyond scope.

We are also insured with Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances.

We offer monthly subscription charge and clients can choose from 3 different packages. We offer a defined number of hours per month.

Unfortunately, we do not roll unused hours to the next billing cycle. However, we do ensure that we work closely with you to ensure we provide the defined number of hours per month.

We do provide the flexibility to switch between different levels of service offerings but these need to be agreed 30 days prior. This ensures that we can allocate or de-allocate resources as required.

We handle all our subscription payments via Stipe and clients can easily manage their subscriptions via this website.

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