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Software Development Retainer

Helping busy software development teams

Why ?

Software development teams are busy and try as they might they can never get round to all the work, innovative ideas and constant demand busy organisations place on them.

In-house software-development teams are often engaged in multiple new projects and initiatives which often detract their attention away from everyday maintenance and enhancement software development tasks.

Hiring new permanent development team members is expensive, often they are only needed to address ad hoc business requests that continually arise, before long they are also drawn into large scale project work.

How ?

Software Development retainer contracts enable you to budget and allocate the services of highly skilled full stack developers to help address the needs of your organisation on a part-time remote basis

Monthly subscription payments, help ensure that a developer is available as and when required during the month.

Experienced & highly skilled full stack developers will be available to tackle any overflow work or even help to augment your project teams on a remote basis.

Software Development Retainer Services
  • Direct Access to experienced developers
  • Knowledgeable support
  • Personalized service
  • Ongoing Bug Fixing & Troubleshooting
  • Upgrades and Patch Deployment
  • Tier 1,2 and 3 Support Options

Software Development Retainer Packages

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New feature implementation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a software development retainer contract ?

Contract to retain the services of an experienced software developer for a pre-defined number of hours a month, to help with 3rd line support, troubleshooting & bug fixing, enhancement requests or even small adhoc development projects.

How do you pay a software development retainer contract ?

Typically it’s a subscription charge, a client agrees to pay a defined amount up front for the purposes of handling any software development tasks that might occur during the month.

What is included in a software development retainer contract ?

We provide a consistent number of hours per month and work closely with you to ensure they are used for complete business efficiency and value.

How does the retainer fee work?

Aretainer fee is an advance payment that a client pays monthly upfront to secure the services of a developer. The contract states the amount of money to be paid and the number of hours allocated every month.

Can I purchase more days per month if required ?

Yes!Additional days can be purchased per month. A discounted day rate is negotiated based on the level of retainer contract purchased and relationship nurtured.