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Software Prototyping services

Refine functionality, Detect issues & Set priorities.

Why Prototype Software ?

Prototyping is a software development approach use to improve planning and execution of software projects by developing executable software systems.

Ideal for gaining experience in new application areas and for supporting incremental or evolutionary software development.

Visualise concepts

look and feel of the software application

Process automation

verify workflows and potential optimizations

Mitigate risks

identify priority use cases

Prioritise Investments

key objectives and delivery schedules.

What We Do

Navigatable Wireframes

functional prototypes & test execution scenarios

Static mockups

conceptual designs & interface sketches

Requirements Management

Verify and formalize requirements.

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Clarify and define the specification of the proposed system in as much detail as possible. Ensuring all the key objectives are included and have been detailed.


Detailed requirements are an essential component for software development. They ensure key business requirements are met and provide a roadmap for identifying robust solutions.


We help map out the User Experience and User Interaction. Assisting in the definition of Graphic Design requirements to solidify the look & feel of the software solution.


Story Boarding lowers the production risk. A story boarding phase for your project not only communicates visualisation ideas to clients and developers, but is also a blueprint to define your development road map.


cost-effective and time-saving method to avoid misunderstandings during development. We create a static application models to outline major functionality features and focus on core interdependencies between application modules.


Mocks ups are useful:

  • Initial project-planning phase
  • Conceptual design or intermediate iteration for dynamic prototypes
  • Requirements specification
  • Smaller projects with simpler processes
  • Key Discussion points
  • Refining user expectations


We develop wireframes for software systems of any complexity. Utilizing our skills and experience in application mechanics and business logic modeling to review vital software features before the development starts.


Wireframes enable:

  • Visualisation of application behaviour
  • Execution of business scenarios
  • Application of different user roles
  • Improved usability
  • Innovation stimulation
  • System design stimulation
  • Visual display of software architecture

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