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How to use technical debt to your advantage

Technical debt, if you manage it prudently, paying off the interest before it cripples your operations. If you approach it from the right angle technical debt can actually boost your operations.

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8 Best Practices To Reduce Technical Debt

These 8 measures will enable you to manage your technical debt better to prevent it from being the bottleneck that stifles your growth. Work with

Technical Debt
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what is technical debt?

Technical debt is common, and not inherently bad. Just like financial debt, it will depend on the purpose that it has been taken up, and plans to clear it. Start-ups battling with pressure to launch their products and get ahead, software companies that have cut-throat competition to deliver fast – development teams usually find themselves having to take on technical debt instead of waiting to launch the products later. In fact, nearly all of the software products in use today have some sort of technical debt.