How to test Stop Web Crawlers on your website

In order to test to see if Stop Web Crawlers is working on your website and to ensure that it is protecting your website from a specific Referrer spam bot.  You will need to download a Browser plug-in or application like:



Postman is the swiss army knife of API tools, allowing you to design, build, test, document and monitor your services, all in one place. You will need to download Postman, it used to available as a Chrome browser plugin, but now it is a stand alone application which requires download.

If you are going to be developing or exploring API’s to use, it is a really handy tool to get to know. It is also a free tool!

Testing Stop Web Crawlers with Postman is extremely easy.


  1. Enter Your URL
  2. Select Headers
  3. Enter Referer
  4. add a domain you would like to test to block
  5. click send
  6. Check the result. You should see 403 Forbidden



HTTP Requester

Our personal favourite is Http Requester due to its ease of use and friendly user interface. However most REST clients work in much the same way.

The Instructions below will guide you through making use of Http Requester . Complete the form as below:

Http Request Configuration

Once complete click GET

Test Referer spam result


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  • Julius Musembi

    Tests on my website show your plugin is not protecting me. What should I do to make it work?

    • Julius,
      Please let us know what your Url is?
      We can take a look for you.

      • Julius Musembi
        • Hi,

          We just conducted a test using httprequester on your url supplied and all is working as expected.

          We see the issue you’re recieving with Postman , it appears that
          postman now requires to use Postman interceptor. You should ensure to
          install and enable interceptor on your Postman in order to be able to
          access the restricted headers in postman

          • Julius Musembi

            Thank you so much!

  • Jalome Chirwa

    Hi, I’ve installed your plugin and ran the test using HTTP Requester, but the result I get is “OK” instead of “forbidden”. Please help me figure out the issue

    • Jalome Chirwa

      It does work with PostMan though

      • Ok Cool. I would probably ignore the HTTP Requester process then. Maybe something has changed I haven’t used it in a while and mostly use Postman these days

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