Website maintenance plan : Why it makes sense

Your company is up and running and you’ve got your website up and running.  You’re trying to improve traffic volume to your site and decided to invest in setting a self hosted WordPress blog on your site or even better you’ve decided to use WordPress to run your whole website.


There is a high likelihood, that if your website is new, that you or your Web Designer or Developer has chosen WordPress, this is based on the fact that over 32% of all websites on the internet make use of WordPress as their platform of choice for a Web Content Management System (CMS). However, the basis of this article applies to most popular CMS’s available, which include Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Umbraco etc.


Once your initial website has been completed , and is available for all prospects and customers to view and potentially engage with. You have only just scrapped the tip the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the life of your website!


The truth is, no website or even any software development project is ever done! The primary reason why is that they are for ever changing because the technology they are based and even the demands of their users are forever changing and evolving.


Do you need a Website maintenance plan now?

Your decision to use WordPress was undoubtedly based on just how easy WordPress is to use, enabling absolute novices to build amazing websites and portals with practically very little technical know how.  Doing all the work yourself, in the evenings or during quiet spells in fledgling business,  you’ve calculated that you’ve saved a lot of money.


When setting up your WordPress website, you no doubt, bought one of the many off the shelf themes over at and in order to extend the functionality download one of the many free WordPress plugins available at


Your Lead Generation engine a.k.a. blog is purring along quite nicely and you’re actively posting new content as defined in your content publication strategy.  You’re gaining visitors and making traction, and business is picking up.


It’s been a lot of fun, learning how to do things in WordPress. You feel you have gained some new skills which are of benefit to you and your new business.


In business, if there is one definitive rule, it is that in order to truly succeed you need to continue learning and acquiring new skills.  There is also another unwritten rule, that the loss of focus on any one particular area, can and will bring your business crashing down.  This is particularly true when it comes to WordPress websites. Creating and running a WordPress website, it literally the tip of the iceberg of the effort required.


There is a point in the life-cycle of your WordPress website that you are going to require the services of a professional.   Keeping your WordPress website up to date, with fresh relevant content, is a massive task on its own, then how do you ensure that your website themes and plugins do not break whenever a new WordPress core update is required.


Sure you can choose not to do WordPress core update, but that only increases the chances of WordPress site being hacked.    There is also the situation, that whenever you carry out WordPress plugin updates that you can corrupt your WordPress database, or your Hosting company my perform and update to their server configuration which may clash with some settings your plugin requires.


Resolving these issues outlined above, can be extremely time-consuming and resource intensive, even for the most experienced WordPress administrators. Try balance managing these, when you also have to juggle managing customers, doing the accounts and troubleshooting day-to-day business problems.


Asking yourself these simple questions;

  • How much will the downtime of your Website cost your business ?
  • What will be your business reputation damage, due to it being hacked, cost your business?
  • Does your Web Hosting company actually provide dedicated WordPress support?
  • Do you have sufficient technical knowledge to recover from a WordPress failure?
  • Can your business survive 2 or 3 days due to a loss of earnings?
  • Can you afford to hire a full-time dedicated resource to administer your website?
  • Are you able to dedicate at least 20-30% of your time every month to ensure your website is secure?
  • Do you have technical knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, PHP or MySQL?

If your answer to any of the questions above is No or I don’t know, then it is highly advisable you take out a Website Maintenance Plan, or at least start enquiring about what is a WordPress Maintenance Plan.


Save your business not just your website

Your business requires 100% of your attention, your customers will have demands on your time. You don’t want waste time trying to figure out which WordPress plugin will provide you with the functionality you need but not have negative impacts on your theme.   You also don’t want to leave great big gaping security holes in your websites security because you can’t figure out why a WordPress Core update breaks your theme!


Wouldn’t it be great if you could effectively outsource these problems to a group of WordPress professionals to sort out for you?  Well the good news is you can!


Our website maintenance plans are designed to provide you with the best level of coverage and support for your WordPress website to enable you to focus on the more important aspects of running a successful web business.   For the same price as monthly mobile phone contract, we’ll ensure your website is secure, scale-able and maintained.