What is Application Modernisation

update your technology stack to derive more business value

All businesses regardless of size and levels of maturity will have software applications that have become a central core of their key operations.   Often these systems will include:

Many businesses will often have many of these systems integrated by developing bespoke software solutions, developed by either their in-house software development teams or an external software development agency.  Often these systems are developed to fulfil very specific and well defined business practices, processes and procedures. However, as with anything related to a modern business these constantly evolve, change and in some cases become obsolete.

In the case of businesses in the United Kingdom, a change in the political environment and relationships with neighbouring trading blocks could require changes to business systems which in turn are a few of the drivers behind application modernisation.

Application modernisation is a broad term applied to all business software systems and applications, involving the process of updating them with modern features and capabilities then using the updated applications to accomplish your business objectives and goals.

A classic example may be a typical CRM system, that a company has used since it started, that is now starting to show it’s age because it does not include the capability to keep in touch with prospects and customers by using social media platforms or mobile messaging.   Other aspects of the application work just fine and still provide the company deep value, but the reality is a lot more of the company’s communication with its customers no longer rely solely on telephone and email, they need to also capture communication from other platforms.

Using Application Modernisation various integration endpoints could be developed to incorporate these new media contact points leveraging Microservices and other cloud native capabilities to extend functionality within your business systems.

This may just be one example, however when you really sit back and think about it, this same process could be applied to almost all typical business software applications.  So whether you want to introduce a small improvement to your cloud infrastructure or update your web ordering system, application modernisation is the route to take.

Benefits of application modernisation

By far one of the biggest benefits of application modernisation is focused around costs.  Application Modernisation helps reduce the costs of building whole new business systems from scratch and the associated risks of doing so.  

It may be true that keeping legacy software running in the long run may be expensive,  these costs are not often associated with the actual running costs, but rather with poorer experience and missed opportunities.

Application Modernisation helps to improve operational efficiency, by gradually enhancing and migrating legacy systems to more modern architectures and capabilities this making your company more efficient and productive.  Whether it be expanding an application to make use of Artificial Intelligence to enhance business decision making capabilities.  Using application modernisation enables you to leverage technological innovations to improve operational efficiencies throughout your organisation.


Application modernisation will help you transform your company and enable it to offer improved products and services to your customers.

Continuous evolution

Your organisation should never be afraid of iteration because with application modernisation, your organisation will never be held back by waiting for feature update or upgrade to legacy software systems in order to address customers immediate concerns or desires.

Modernising your business system software will help you to solve tangible, real-world problems in your business.  Application modernisation helps to ensure your business continues to evolve with the aim of keeping both your customers and suppliers happy by providing excellent integration to various systems to enable smoother commercial transactions and providing unique and enhanced customer experiences.


Start modernising your legacy applications today

Modernising your legacy applications will help to improve your business agility and reduce IT system backlogs enabling you to focus on new business value and reducing technical debt, and ensuring your systems are efficient and productive. Partnering with an external software development agency as an effective and reliable business partner to deliver functionality in line with your business objectives, goals and supplier and customer expectations will help you to achieve a maximum Return On Investment.