UK based software development consultancy

Established in 2005, as an independent software development consultancy specialising in full-cycle Back-end software development with a focus on delivering performant and secure bespoke cloud native software solutions.

Keeping software development simple leads to profitable software. We don't claim to have a secret recipe or process or even revolutionary tailored practice. Quite simply we just focus on ensuring that everything we do, is simple, transparent & clearly understandable by all concerned. Quality software is a subjective measurement, profitable software validates and justifies itself.

UK based software development consultancy

Our Mission

Develop the change we want to see in the world!

Continuous Learning
To innovate, to try a new process, or to do something new all requires learning. All our activities are focused on learning, teaching, sharing and supporting technology for the benefit of all.
Strive for sustainability
Code has an environmental impact environment, we will always aim to make positive and beneficial contributions to help minimise negative impacts.
We believe that Bitcoin and its ecosystem will be the change for good for humanity, with continued support, education and focus we aim to help drive the adoption and integration of this nascent technology for all
Privacy and Security
We believe big corporations, states and technology giants are over stepping the mark and beyond when it comes to data collection and surveillance