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Experienced developers of custom APIs to suit varying business models ensuring coherent, flexible & consistent integration with multiple systems

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Custom API Development

Helping businesses facilitate cooperation and data sharing of their custom apps with each other or with third-party apps.

Threenine delivers safe, secure, scalable and well-documented APIs for your applications to seamlessly connect and collaborate with your external suppliers, vendors, customers or any external party.

We do more than develop and manage consistent, dependable, and secure APIs. We facilitate an API First Approach This way with the objective of helping your organization move faster, learn more and develop from the insights gained across platforms, while at the same time creating additional revenue streams by creating digital products from your existing products and services.

We'll assist to eliminate redundancies and streamline operations by connecting previously independent data sources. Integrate and uncover the data insights you need across business platforms and improve business agility.

What is API Development

API development is the process of creating a set of defined rules that enable different applications, systems, or services to communicate.

APIs are used to integrate new applications with existing software systems, increasing development speed by leveraging existing code. They also enable the sharing of data and functionality between applications, making it possible to reuse code and reduce development time.

We specialise in building custom APIs that connect disparate systems and databases. Our API development services enable organisations to manage a variety of software modules using technologies including;

  • REST
  • Websockets
  • gRPC
  • GraphQL
  • SOAP
  • JSON

We build secure, managed and scalable APIs for web, mobile, databases, intranet systems and many of the tools and software your business is likely already using.

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