Bespoke Software

Custom Software

Helping busy companies build software solutions

We work with start-ups,  scale-ups , mature businesses and large enterprises to create new cloud-native applications and modernize existing legacy systems.
Our remote-distributed team will work with you to improve customer experiences,  operations and decision-making capabilities to Cultivate, Develop and Sustain innovation to foster and maintain your competitive advantage in constantly evolving markets.

Website Maintenance

Complete website maintenance solutions to help busy companies and individuals to grow and scale their e-commerce capabilities

Web Development

Develop web applications to improve customer experiences, operations and decision-making capabilities

Application Modernisation

Benefit from advancement or leverage new digital technologies such as IoT, AI, VR/AR, Mobile and Cloud Computing

Product Development

Complete process of bringing a new product to market. From Ideation, Execution and Implementation.

Bespoke Business Application Development

Whether you need a system to improve customer service, increase business efficiency, streamline processes or increase sales!

we develop intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive business applications to help you meet and exceed the demand.

We’ll work with you to understand your business processes and the challenge you’re trying to solve and then suggest the type of software development that would work best for you.

Bespoke software solutions we’ve developed include:


Lean Startup

Product Design

Proof of Concept

threenine’s team of Product Owners have a natural ability to facilitate ideation sessions to help guide a product’s vision.
They also collaborate closely with clients and team members in order to harness their unique insights and experience. Collectively, a team has more knowledge, experience, and insights than an individual.
Our Product Ideation workshops are formalized as part of the development process whereby we leverage a collective vision, channel it, and apply it to the product we are developing in order to align to key business goals and delight the end users.
Examples of our work

ecoVaro monitors Energy and Environmental data in real-time to accurately identify, prioritize, and implement low and no cost energy savings measures.

Cloud-based Mobile Workforce Management (MWFM) software solution to streamline forecasting, invoicing, quotations, scheduling & resource planning.

It takes more than just developers to create software solutions! It takes a team of Project Managers, Product Owners, Designers and Engineers to successfully bring an enterprise-grade solution to life that people love.

Bespoke software development

using our custom software development services you will be able to work with a software development team that meets your needs and, more importantly, aligned with your company’s culture and goals.
We deliver software solutions that are key for a business to stand out from the competitors. Consequently, you can gain a competitive advantage and, accomplish your business’ goals.

Software development

 we deliver clean, reliable and robust code, that follows market standards and best practices, and of course, always on time. In addition, our efficiency is now part of our identity.
Our dedicated team of specialists has a great down-to-code experience. So, this allows us to implement the best software development solutions around specific clients’ requirements.
Moreover, we follow the industry best practices, with safety, testing, and execution baked in from the beginning.
As a result, we design solutions to digitally transform your business.