Software Development Retainer Contract

skilled & experienced software developers

Hire our expert software developer and allocate monthly activities related to software application development,  scalability, performance optimisation, security, and more.

What is a software development retainer service

A retainer agreement enables your company to have access to specialist skills, abilities and knowledge of an experienced software development professional to help to guide technological decisions,  strategies, troubleshooting, maintenance and bug fixing services.
Entering into a monthly subscription contract and paying  a fixed amount each month, ensures your business has access to the services of a developer to perform agree upon duties. 

What are the benefits of a retainer service

Depending on the subscription package you choose your company could have access to a developer to help maintain and service your existing software application stack, or a software architect to help design your future software application  or even acquire the services  of a virtual CTO for your start up.
For a fixed monthly subscription your company could have instant access too.

Monthly software development retainer contracts

A retainer contract is some what similar to a fixed-price contract in the sense that they enable the ability to pay a predictable rate to engage with us on an ongoing basis, which ensures you have access to our services, skills and expertise on a remote basis.
Retainer contracts make the most sense for companies looking to work with a dedicated development team. Our team may focus on work for a predefined number of hours each week or month for the duration of a project.
software retainers are designed for businesses that want to offload their technical stack to a proven software developers.

We offer two types of retainer contracts


£ 999
  • 2 days per week


£ 5999
  • 11 Days per month

Additional days in the timeframe can be purchased

The retainer contracts stipulate the minimum number of days the software developer must be utilised for in the time frame stipulated in the contract. Additional days can be purchased in the time frames at a nominal rate as agreed.

How do software retainer contracts work?

A retainer is typically a regular payment to ensure we have an experienced software developer on ‘stand-by’ and ready to engage in project work when a client requires. The payment then enables our client to access the skills and experience of the software on demand, or for a set period of time.  Any unused time during the period is lost and will not be rolled over to the next.
The client agrees to ensure that the software developer should at least be utilised for the minimum number of days as per the contract. If additional days are required beyond the minimum then these days can be purchased at additional cost as a rate agreed with the client.
Retainers provide a guarantee of access to the services of an experienced and skilled software developer.