Setup office365 calendar with Thunderbird

In order to integrate Thunderbird with Office 365 Calendar, you will need to download and install few additional plugins for Thunderbird.

Although the instructions and samples were created setting up Thunderbird on a Ubuntu Linux box they exactly the same across all operating systems (i.e. Windows, Mac OSX )

The Thunderbird email client does not come pre-packaged with a calendar option, however there are plenty of free Extensions you can download to incorporate a calendar feature.

The prefered calendar add-on is Lightning which allows you to organize your schedule directly within Thunderbird.


Install Lightning

In order to install the lightning plugin. Navigate to Tools –> Add-ons on your Thunderbird Menu.

In the search box search for lightning

This should return a few results, so pick the top one. at the time of writing this was Lightning and click install, once the install is completed you will need to restart Thunderbird.



Once installed you may be asked to Restart Thunderbird


Install Exchange EWS Provider Add-on for Lightning

We now need to install an additional plugin integrate your Calendar with Office 365. In order to do this you need to download and install Exchange EWS Provider Add-on for Lightning. At the time of writing this article the latest version was 3.8.0.

Exchange Calendar

Download from Github


Visit the GitHub page and right click on the link exchangcalendar-v{version number}.xpi and select Save Link As...

This will download the the plugin. To install the plugin got back to your Thunderbird Addon and click on Cog Icon and select

Install Add-on From File


Navigate to folder to which you downloaded the file to and install the plugin. You may be asked to restart Thunderbird again.


Configure your Calendar

All the installation is now complete, all we now need to do is set up a calendar and you’ll be up and running.  To do this you need to navigate File –> New –> Calendar, 
This will open a new dialog, select On the Network and Next

Create new calendar dialog


Select Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013 and Next


Give your Calendar a name and click next


create new calendar dialog next

Fill the Server URL: or
and enter your email address for Office 365 and click Check Server and mailbox


Click Check server and mailbox

You should see an input dialog for your password, enter your password, and check the to save it.  Clicking next will complete the process, and you should now have your Office 365 calendar set up on Thunderbird.


You should be able to Click Next and Finish.


Your calendar is now Available and you are able to do 2 way editing of your calendar appointments etc.



Once complete and configured you will now have complete two-way binding of all calendar appointments in your calendar.

Please note that the Exchange calendar plugin is an open source project, and is likely to change going forward, so readers should be aware and keep an eye on versions as and when the tool is updated. Also consider making a donation to the project to compensate the developers.

If you have any issues or found any variations in the process. Please let us know in the comments below and I will try to assist as much as we can.

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